2017 September, October Newsletter

2017 September Newsletter


The month of Sept. began with our “Meet & Greet “for both children and parents.

On the first day of school everyone was reassured that their mommies would be coming back. They learned classroom rules and routines and hopefully made a friend or two!!

Our art room theme this month was “apples”. We talked about healthy snacks. We tasted red, yellow and green apples and had a contest to see “which apple” most of the children liked. We made apple lollypops, editable yummy apple trees, mosaic apples, apple prints and cute picture frames too. We celebrated Johnny Appleseed’s birthday.  The Jewish New Year celebrated with apples with honey.

Our “Bits of Information” this month were body parts, fruits and vegetables. A trapezoid, parallelogram and cylinder were added to our pre-K basic shapes.

Everyone is working on holding their pencils properly.  Coloring in the lines and cutting skills are being reinforced. Everyone was screened as to where they are with shape, number and letter recognition. Now everyone is working at their own pace and are being moved along accordingly.

To date the letters s, m, f and r have been introduced to our Nursery group . You wouldn’t believe how well everyone says the “Pledge of Allegiance”. We have so many great singers too.

It has been a fun first month of school with lots of hands on materials.


October 2017 Newsletter


So many fun things to celebrate this month – Falls arrival, Columbus Day and the excitement of Halloween.

The art room was so busy. Everyone enjoying cutting , pasting, painting, etc.. Some of our activities included painting their foot with white paint – what cute ghosts they made!! We made scary tip skeletons, puppy candy corn,  toilet paper roll flying bats, popsicle pumpkins,  a shaving cream mummy etc. etc. Fun!  Fun!  Fun!

One of our dad’s came in to cut our large pumpkin into a Jack O’ Latern. We all got to pull the seeds & pulp out. YUK! We saved the seeds, washed and dried them & then roasted them. Oh they tasted so delicious!! One of our mom’s did an owl mask with us. We used feathers, paint and glue. They looked so cute.  Everyone also got a pumpkin of their own to paint & take home.  On Halloween we had a fun party with lots of games, yummy goodies and prizes – pin the nose on the pumpkin, musical chairs and the freeze dance were favorites!!  Everyone dressed up and their mommies and daddies were invited to school for our Halloween Parade and to hear all of our cute Halloween songs.  What a fun day we had!!

We had our “Back to School” night explaining how the children spend their day. We displayed many of our great manipulatives. Daily motor skills are reinforced with fun things to trace. Our Bits of Information this month were leaves, baby animals (ex. goat-kid/ horse – foal/kangaroo – Joey etc.), vehicles (ex. police car, mail truck, hook/ladder, ambulance, motor home, etc.) and street signs(ex. stop, yield, do not enter, etc.).

The nursery group added the cylinder and parallelogram to their shape bits while the PreK group added a straight line segment, a crooked line segment and the pentagon. Everyone is moving along nicely academically at their own pace. We are so proud of everyone. Most of the children can now put their own jacket on – so proud of themselves too.

June 2017 Newsletter

June 2017 Newsletter

The school year was rapidly coming to an end. June started with our Father’s Day celebration at school on Saturday morning.

The children had several cute projects to honor their dads. For example, a rocket telling dad they loved him to the moon and back; a sheet of questions that the children told us especially about their dads – e.g. what makes daddy happy? His favorite foods? etc.. Very cute and something to cherish. The dads painted a cute ceramic bank with their child. We did relays, a bean bag toss, parachute activities and other fun activities. We ended with refreshments and a great time was had by all.

We had a week of fun days including an Academic Bowl where by 2 teams competed in their memory of our Bits of Information; a Pet Parade Day where the children brought in their favorite pet to school and a dress up talent day. Oh what fun! We had gymnasts, singers, karate kids, Spiderman only to name a few. For Game Day we bowled, fished, golfed, pitched, etc. and a Field Day with relays, hoola hops, hippy hops, water gun shoots, a water balloon throw, etc.. a Movie, Pajamas and Popcorn Day and a Make Your Own Sundae Day. Yum!! It was our last official day of school. Everyone Enjoyed it!! The following day was our 31st Graduation ceremony for all of our pre-K children who would be leaving us to enter Kindergarten in the fall. They sang some of their favorite songs and each child has a verse to say. Everyone did a great job!! We are all so proud of them. We took lots of pictures, wished them well and told them how we would miss them tremendously and hoped they would come visit us.


The end of another great school year!


May 2017 Newsletter

May 2017 Newsletter

With the arrival of Spring and all the rain we planted sunflowers and made some beautiful artificial flowers – poppey’s, hycinia, dandelions and even made handprint bouquets to decorate our classroom for our Mothers Day celebration. All of our mommies really enjoyed our program in their honor. Everyone made their mom a pot holder which they decorated using stencils and fabric paint. Each one was uniquely decorated and sooo cute. Other art projects consisted of caterpillars, butterflys, bees and chicks using all different medias. So much fun! Everyone was so proud of theirs.

We had a special visitor. A dad who is a science professor. He did an amazing interactive  experiment. Everyone got involved and thoroughly enjoyed it.

With our Fathers Day Program soon to follow we made a cute tie, hand prints and spaghetti painting. The month ended with Memorial Day. We made some beautiful flags and spoke about the true meaning of this holiday – honoring those brave man and women who served our country. They sacrificed their lives to keep us free and safe.

We played on the water table, used our play dough and painted on the easel.

This month’s “Bits of Information” were root vegetables, sea shells and dinosaurs. Some of our children planted vegetable gardens and were so excited to tell everyone all about theirs. Our sea shell bits made a big hit! We learned that when an appendage of a starfish gets damaged it re-grows. Everyone got to hear the sound of the ocean with the very beautiful conch shell. Our dinosaurs were amazing. The children knew many of their names.

The preK children made a clock and learned how to tell the hour and half hour.

Our individualized instruction really showed great progress for all. Our parents were so happy and proud of their children.

March 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

The month of March had many fun topics to celebrate. March truly came in like a lion with the fierce wind. We made a cute lion using a paper plate. We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday ! We decorated cup cakes and made green eggs and ham with chocolate. Not only cute but yummy too!!

Our St. Patrick’s Day, theme was so exciting! Our Pre-K children made such creative traps in hopes of catching those tricky, jovial, smart rich little Leprechauns. The Leprechauns partied and left a hugh mess in our art room.  We didn’t catch them but they left a note, balloons and some gold chocolate coins for all of us. We had our own party – the green bagels, green grapes and golden Oreo cookies were enjoyed by all. Our art projects consisted of green pepper shamrocks, rainbows, a pot of gold and several cute Leprechauns made with our painted hand, paper plates etc.. We even made special Leprechaun binoculars.

As spring arrived we made kites, a bird, chicks in a nest and a cotton ball lamb in hopes that March would go out like a lamb.

We had a special visitor! Patrolman Perini came to our school and spoke about strangers, wearing our seat belt, safety around pools, etc.. He showed us a video and gave each child a deputy badge.

Our  “Bits” of Information this month were: Flags, musical instruments, dinosaurs and insects and their habitats. We saw flags from where our classmates families came from – USA, Ireland, Canada, Italy, India etc.. Our musical instrument bits included the violin, guitar, French horn and grand piano. We saw how instruments were played off the shoulder (violin), the guitar (waist), and harp on the floor. We all made music with our own less sophisticated instruments.

As the warm weather is approaching we spoke about insects and saw where they lived – ant/ant hills, bees/beehives, hornets/nests, crickets etc.. The dinosaur bits made a big hit!! Many children had gone to the Dinosaur Expo and museum. They knew many of the dinosaurs names.

The Pre-K children are working on writing upper and lower case letters properly. They were introduced to the ruler and now know how to measure using our “Bear” measurement game. Everyone is so smart.

The nursery group is moving along nicely with all their skills as well. We are so proud of everyone.

Best Regards,



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January 2017 Newsletter

A Step Ahead Preschool, January 2017 Newletter

We glided into the New Year with a cute glitter ice skate project.
The month of January was very busy. A dental hygienist visited with her cute dragon. We got to brush his teeth. We learned about taking good care of our teeth, eating properly, brushing and flossing. She narrated a story and many of the children volunteered to dress as teeth, a tooth fairy, a cavity and dental floss, etc.. What fun!

We learned about Martin Luther King and how he encouraged people to get along.
Next came the inauguration of our new president. Making history, the afternoon children got to see President Trump getting sworn into office. They were excited to say the pledge of allegiance with those on TV.

We had a parent teacher conference this month as well. Parents were so happy to hear of their child’s progress and were given some ideas as to working along with us.

One of our mom’s visited and explained the Chinese New Year. It is the year of the Rooster. She brought a beautiful dragon and lots of Chinese memorabilia. She also read a cute and very colorful book explaining the holiday. Everyone received a good luck “red” envelope containing a special treat. What a fun time. We all got a chance to be the head and the tail of the dragon.

Our art projects this month centered around snowmen. You couldn’t imagine all the different snowmen we made… paperplate snowmen, toilet roll snowmen, potato snowmen, palm and footprint snowmen, egg carton snowmen and the cutest of all was our snowman snow globe.
We spoke of Eskimos and igloos too.

Our PreK group began formalized writing. Writing from top to bottom and left to right progression, proper holding of our markers and proper placement of paper for left and right hand students.

We learned many new songs too. Our January bits of information were different kinds of dogs, instruments that doctors use when we go for our check ups and the Chinese New Year (health, prosperity, fortune, etc..)

Our PreK children are well prepared for Kindergarten. They can write their first and last names now. We are working on counting by 5’s and 10’s as well as sequencing numbers. Some children are doing addition and subtraction too. We added decagon, dodecagon and pentadecagon to our shape bits.

Our nursery group continues to learn their letters and numbers. We have added the straight and crooked line segment and the angle to their shape bits.
Hope you are getting feedback from your child.
Best Regards,