A Step Ahead Preschool March Newsletter

Dear Parents,

March began with the celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday. We read several Dr. Seuss books and made many fun projects. One of our favorite stories was Green Eggs and Ham. We melted white chocolate and put green M&M’s on it. They were the best eggs! Sooo delicious! Another favorite story was Fox in Socks. We made cute fox puppets using a brown paper bag. Great cutting and pasting skills. We invited our mommies and daddies to come in to read their child’s favorite story to their classmates.

St. Patrick’s day made a big hit. Traditionally our pre-k children make Leprechaun traps. We try to capture but not kill those cleaver, funny, rich little Leprechauns! We hope to share their fortune. Thanks to everyone for participating. What great traps we got!! Unfortunately we did not catch those clever Leprechauns. They played in our traps and left a big mess in our classroom. However they left us a note, chocolate coins, Leprechaun pins and a balloon. We had green bagels to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Those who made a trap received a certificate and a prize too. What fun!!

Patrolman Frank from the Marlboro Police Dept. visited us. He spoke about strangers and staying safe. We saw a video too. He gave everyone a police deputy badge.

We couldn’t believe our eyes!!!
We saw the Easter Bunny swinging on a swing in the playground!! There were so many eggs scattered all over the play yard. Everyone had a bag to hunt for as many as they could find. We all got prizes and candy!! We took a picture with the bunny too. What fun we had!! One of our mommies made a cute edible bunny. It was made out of bread surrounded with lots of veggies and dip. — Sooo delicious! Everyone enjoyed the day and especially those chocolate eggs and jellybeans.

Our academics are moving along nicely at everyone’s own pace. This months “Bits of Information” were awesome – “Flags”, “Vacation Attractions” in NY and Washington DC and “Rabbits”. We can recognize the flags of the USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, China, Italy and France. We saw pictures and discussed interesting places in New York – Manhattan’s beautiful night skyline, Port of New York and the Statue of Liberty. In Washington DC the White House, Capital building and the Washington Monument. We learned about many kinds of rabbits. Everyone saw cotton tail rabbits in their back yards. Did you know the Snowshoe rabbit changes the color of its coat to white in the winter from brown in the summer?? There really are blue rabbits!! Yes the Vienna rabbits really are blue in color! The Lop-eared bunny has long floppy ears that drag on the ground. Rabbits have really large families. They are all so cute. 

Everyone was looking forward to our spring break. Hope everyone enjoyed and made some fond memories.


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February 2016 A Step Ahead Preschool Inc. Newsletter

Dear Parents,

February was filled with many fun and interesting topics (Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day & Presidents Day).

February 2nd – Ground Hog Day – Our weathermen said the Groundhog did not see his shadow so spring would be coming soon. The teachers were so happy, but the children weren’t. They were hoping that the groundhog would go back into his hole and burrow there for another 6 weeks – bringing us lots of snow. We read stories and learned about groundhogs. We made one too. Our teacher made a cute groundhog cookie for each of us. A nice surprise and sooo yummy!

Next came the Chinese New Year. Our classmate and his mom shared their holiday with us. This was the year of the Monkey. His mom read a story book called, “The Lucky New Year”, that explained their traditions. They brought in a huge dragon. It was covered with beautiful colored feathers. We all got a chance to be the head and/or the tail of the dragon. What fun!! They also brought in many items related to the holiday. A doll wore the beautiful customary red and gold colored dress. We all received a “Lucky” red envelope too. It was so nice to learn and share in our friend’s holiday.

Valentines Day made a big hit!! We danced, played special games and shared our “lovely” cards and treats with all of our friends. We learned many songs to sing for our family and friends too. Everyone had a special Valentine – mommy, daddy, grandparents, siblings, a friend, a pet etc.. We danced to the Chicken, Hokey Pokey, Freeze dance and the Limbo too. Everyone got a special prize for playing Musical Chairs and pin the mouth on the Valentine heart. It was a fun party day.

Presidents’ Day was next. We used chocolate, marshmallows, and a cookie to make Presidents Washington and Lincoln. They were not only cute, fun to make but delicious too. They looked just like them!!

Our “Bits of Information” this month were Animal Tracks, Chinese New Year, Presidents and The Middle Atlantic States.
Some children saw animal tracks in the snow! They said they looked like they were from – a deer, a fox, a dog, a chipmunk, squirrel, a little white-footed mouse. Just like in our weekly “Bits of Information”.
Our Chinese New Year Bits showed us pictures of wealth, good fortune and prosperity.
We saw pictures and learned something about the last 5 presidents of the US as well as our 1st and 16th Presidents. Everyone got the opportunity to see the penny, quarter, $1 dollar bill and the $5 dollar bill. Whose picture was on them??
Our final week of bits for this month was the Middle Atlantic States. Did you know that we live in one of the 5 Middle Atlantic States? We saw where they are located on our United States map puzzle.

Our individualized academics are moving along nicely at everyone’s own pace. So proud of everyone! Many of our pre-kindergartners are now doing 50 and 100 piece puzzles. Great analytical thinkers!! They not only can write their 1st name but their last name as well. Many are now phonetically reading and doing basic addition. We are so proud of them!! We are reinforcing “Positions” – in, on, through, over, under, beside, next to and between.

Hope everyone hung their bird feeders outside and are seeing those hungry birds feeding on them.  

We’re looking forward to spring and getting out into the playground. 


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Selecting a Preschool – 8 Questions to Ask

As a parent you may be asking yourself how do I select a preschool for my child? Depending on what age your child starts they may spend two or possibly three years in preschool. How well prepared will they be for kindergarten?

Here are eight key areas you should seriously consider when selecting a preschool for your child:

1. Daily Individualized and group instructions
Will they provide a basic foundation for becoming focused and enjoy learning? Individualizing with your child will provide teachers the ability to assess your child’s progress and tailor learning to their pace and level.
2. Reading and Math
Will they teach your child to read by attacking words phonetically and also teaching them basic math skills and writing skills?
3. Think analytically
Will they help children learn to think analytically for themselves? No high dependency on an electronic devices that by pressing a few buttons an answer will pop out.
4. Build emotional and self confidence
Do they encourage in a non-intimidating environment speaking in front of their teachers and classmates. Ask about the kind of activities that are part of their program.
5. Fun Activities
Is the school day filled with all kinds of fun activities? Do they do an art project as well as have lots of other fun hands on activities on a daily basis -for example, blocks, puzzling, story time, water/sand table, lit tracing table, musical instruments? These are a key part of helping your child learn and grow.
6. Certification and Licensing
Check that the facility and teachers are state certified and licensed.
7. Information Bits
Glen Doman of the Better Baby Institute was a pioneer in early learning. Doman’s approach is formulated around how to teach your infant and preschooler to recognize words and shapes that would get children focused and reading at an early age. Utilization of “Bits” of information or “Bit Cards” foster this approach to early learning. Ask if the preschool you are about to select utilizes any of Glen Doman’s approaches to early learning. More importantly do they use any of his teachings and can they help you as a parent utilize some of them.
8. Diversity
While it may seem early for your child to understand diversity, helping your child become aware that some of their friends celebrate different holidays and experience them through songs, art projects, food & stories will make them more well rounded individuals by the time they reach kindergarten. Does the preschool expose children to these holidays and their significance?

Here’s a quick download of these 8 Key Areas, click here to get your free copy.

Here at A Step Ahead Preschool, we believe the preschool years are a very important time in the lives of children. We also believe that the best programs embody all 8 key areas. We frequently hear from our former parents how well their children are doing crediting their success to our program. www.astepahead-preschool.com For more information, give us a call at 732-946-3441.

January 2016 Newsletter A Step Ahead Preschool

Welcome back all after having a fun and enjoyable winter break. Everyone seemed happy to reunite with their classmates. Happy 2016 to all!!
This month’s projects focused on winter fun. The children were so excited with our many “snowmen” projects, especially with the arrival of our 1st huge snowstorm. We learned about penguins and made a cute and informative booklet about them.
Next came Martin Luther King’s birthday. We discussed his dream and made a project in his honor. Everyone noted their dream on it. Very interesting!! 
We had an early visitor for February Dental Health month. Hygienist Cory brought her friend Chewy the dragon with her. We learned how, when, and where to brush our teeth to avoid cavities. We practiced on Chewy and dressed up as teeth too. What fun!! We learned about good healthy cruncy foods and bad sugary foods. Cory gave everyone a goodie bag.
The end of the month brought our yearly parent/teacher conferences. Our pre-k children completed a pre-k skill pack for their parents to see their progress.
Our “bits of information” for this month consisted of different kinds of dogs, dinosaurs and musical instruments. We spoke of how we should never approach a dog unless we aask the owner if his pet is friendly. The dinosaurs made a big hit! We saw their skeltons and the many different kinds of dinosaurs and what they ate. The T-rex seemed to be the favorite one. We learned the names of many musical instruments. We saw the different positions in which they are played for example the guitar (under your arm), the violin(off shoulder) and the bass violin(standing tall).
Our academics are moving along nicely. The nursery group continues to reinforce lower case letters and numbers through 10 and counting. The pre-k children are learning about the vowel family. We started formalized writing of both letters and numbers. Everyone can write their first names. We introduced patterning this month. Great News!! We now have 5 children reading my take home readers – So proud of them! So exciting for me to see their little faces light up after they read the title of their first book for me.
We learned many new winter songs. Hope you are hearing them – The Mitten, I Love Snow, The Frost, Ice Skating Song, etc..
With the cold weather upon us and unable to go outside – to release some energy – we have been using exercise, yoga, dance tapes, bean bags and walk upons. Everyone enjoyed the water table too.


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December Newsletter

December Newsletter


Dear Parents,

The excitement of seeing our new monthly bulletin boards and decorations brought many smiles. Christmas and Hanukkah were going to be celebrated this month!!
We learned holiday songs to sing for Santa’s arrival. He visits each year knowing our little ones are so well behaved at school as well as at home and that they are able to sing his favorite songs for him. We decorated a tree. It looked great all lit up. We had a holiday party and Santa brought everyone a gift too. We heard many holiday stories, made super cute crafts, and even a card & gift for our mommies and daddies. One mother brought Hanukkah cookies for us to decorate. They were delish!!

Our new monthly “bits” of information consisted of instruments that doctors use e.g. otoscope, opthalmoscope, stethoscope – etc.. None of these hurt when we visit the doctor. “Guess the holidays” and “Fireman apparatus”.We discussed the importance of our fire drills and look forward to a visit from our local Fire department in the spring.

We completed all our consonant letters & Lynn’s magic word for each helps us to recall the sound.
Everyone is moving along nicely at their own pace. Some of the pre-k children are writing their first name. So proud of everyone. Cutting is coming along nicely as well. They all are truly “A Step Ahead”!! The end of a very good year___EXCEPT.
– Lynette will not be returning for the New Year. She will be missed tremendously. 
– However Robin Olsen who many of you know will be returning to take over the art room. She too is very creative and loves children.

Our best wishes to all for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2016!


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