Nov. – Dec. 2016 Newsletter

A Step Ahead Preschool November_December 2016 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

November Newsletter:

As the Thanksgiving Holiday approached we discussed how we got the 1st Thanksgiving and its true meaning – giving, sharing, thankfulness and awareness of others less fortunate.

Our art projects were centered on the fall season – leaf handprints, pilgrims, turkeys, Indians, teepee etc.. Such fun!

Our academics continue to move along at everyone’s own pace. So proud of everyone’s progress! We have several children doing 100 piece puzzles now too. Great analytical thinkers!! Everyone enjoyed our Thanksgiving songs too.

Our bits of information were: Holidays – Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas. Included in our bits were animal parents/baby animals – ex. kangaroo/joey, horse/foal, goat/kid etc..
Some extra interesting facts we learned – The baby zebra is born with brown stripes. When it matures the stripes turn black like its parents. We also learned that some camels have 1 hump and others have 2 humps – these are called dromedaries.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with a party whereby everyone brought something to share – just as the Pilgrims and Indians did. The fruits, veggies, dip etc. were enjoyed by all.

December Newsletter:

This month brought the excitement of Christmas and Chanukah. The children were in awh seeing our Christmas tree all lit up and anticipating Santa’s arrival.

Everyone made a special holiday gift and card for their parents. Art projects were made with many different media – beads, gems, popsicle sticks, etc.. They included elfs, trees, Santas, reindeers, dreidels, menorahs, etc.. Everyone looked forward to their daily art project.

We learned many holiday songs, read many stories and had a fun holiday party too. Our preK children are writing their names. Many in our nursery group have moved from large to fine motor skills.

Our bits this month were birds – bald eagle, screech owl, turkey vulture, etc.. In addition, we explored jobs people have – e.g. musicians, teacher, policemen, zookeepers, etc.. and Fireman Apparatus – e.g. extinguishers, gas masks, etc..

Santa arrived with a gift for each child. Such excitement! We sang Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nose Raindeer, his favorite songs :).

Best wishes to all for a New Year blessed with much happiness, peace, prosperity and good health.

Best Regards,

October 2016 Newsletter

October 2016 Newsletter


Dear Parents,
With the Fall Season upon us, Columbus Day and the excitement of Halloweens’ arrival 
we engaged in many fun activities.

Some of our fun art activities included a paper bag scarecrow, Columbus’ ships, bats, cats, pumpkins, witches, etc.. Everyone went pumpkin picking in our playground. We cut out a large pumpkin. Everyone got to remove the pulp & seeds – Oh what reactions we got from that!! Faces were priceless. We saved and cleaned the seeds, roasted them and everyone ate and took some home. Yummy!
We had a Halloween party – Everyone loved playing pin the nose on the pumpkin, musical chairs and the freeze dance. Everyone got a prize too. The children dressed in their Halloween costumes and sang our cute Halloween songs for their mommies, daddies and grandparents. We were all so so proud of them! With the beautiful weather we paraded in the play yard so we could take some cute fall photos.

Our monthly bits of information were different kind of leaves, street signs and vehicles (police cars, ambulance, street sweeper, motor home, tractor-trailer, etc. etc.).
The nursery group was introduced to the cylinder & parallelogram. The pre-K children were introduced to the line segment, angles, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon and nonagon. So exciting to see everyone moving along so nicely at their own pace. All pre-K children can write their own first name.
Coloring in the lines has greatly improved and we have 3 more children reading phonetically. So proud of everyone!!
Now everyone knows how to put on their own jacket. They are so proud of themselves.

Hope our back to school night was informative.

Best Regards,

September 2016 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We welcomed our new and returning parents and students at our annual orientation.
Separation was difficult for a few or our little ones. I’m so happy to say that everyone settled in nicely now. They know the daily routine and that “all the Mommies” come back.

Our September apple theme made a big hit. On the 1st day of school the children made handprints and a cute 1st day of school poem was attached. Priceless in years to come!! Some other exciting projects were apple trees, an apple person, apple bag puppets and a delicious apple stick lollipop. Everyone chose their own toppings. So yummy! Many of our hands on materials were introduced this month as well.

Our bits of information this month were body parts , fruits, vegetables and basic shapes. A trapezoid, cylinder, and parallelogram were introduced to our pre-K group as well. The letters s, m, f and r were also presented. We’re working on holding our pencil properly, tracing, coloring and cutting.

Everyone looked forward to playing in our large fenced in play yard. The swings, slide and bikes always make a big hit!!

*You’ll never believe how our little 3 year olds are starting to say the pledge of allegiance. We have so many great singers too.

Best Regards,

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A Step Ahead Preschool June Newsletter

Dear Parents,

June started off with a fun Fathers Day celebration, on a Saturday making it more convenient for dads to attend. With their dad’s assistance each child decorated a movable wooden snake. We moved outside for lots of fun activities – racing, tossing, jumping, throwing and balancing. What fun the kids had competing against their dads. The water balloon toss and shooting marshmallows off daddys head with our water guns made a big hit. Everyone enjoyed bagels and juice and left with fond memories to cherish.

We devoted one week to “special activity days”.
We had a Pet Parade. Along with our many stuffed animals we had a live pig called Archie and Oliver a live one eyed bull dog.
For our Movie Day everyone wore their pajamas and enjoyed a Disney movie and lots of popcorn.
Game Day was lots of fun! Some of our favorite activities were magnetic fishing, mini golf gobblers, catch it cups and pin the tail on the donkey.
Our Talent Dress Up Day was very amusing!! We saw amazing rolls, karate moves, magic, dancing, Derek Jeter baseball throws and even heard “Let it Go”. Everyone was so talented!!
On Field Day we raced, hopped on our Hippity Hops, threw balls, hoola hooped and did many more activities. We had two teams and they both tied.
It was an exciting and fun week!!

Our last day of regular school was Make Your Own Sundae Day Yum! Lots of toppings to choose from.
Everyone received a school tee shirt & certificate of accomplishment.

Lastly our Pre K Children had a Graduation Ceremony. They welcomed family and friends by joining in the pledge of allegiance. The children sang for them and each child had their own verse to say.
We were so proud of them! Everyone received a graduation cap, a tee shirt with the A Step Ahead Preschool logo on it, a diploma and a small gift for their accomplishments. We wished everyone much happiness in Kindergarten. We’ll miss them!

There are still openings for camp if anyone is interested in attending. Along with having lots of fun everyday we’ll keep your child’s academic skills sharp with my one on one learning sessions everyday that they attend. Also, Fall Registration is open as well. Looking forward to seeing you. You will need to fill out a new registration form if you plan on attending the 2016 – 2017 school year.
Thanks so much!!

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A Step Ahead Preschool May Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Everyone enjoyed our Mothers Day celebration! The children sang to their moms. The Pre-K children each had a verse to say about their mom’s unconditional love – for example they love us whether we are good or bad! The children told us all about their moms. In turn the mommies read what their child had to say about them. Our placemats were hand drawn showing us what their mommy looked like. Very cute!! Everyone made a vase as a gift. Each was very different and beautiful. We all ate bagels, fruit and drank juice together. So delicious!! The brownies made a big hit!!

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo – eating yummy chips and salsa. We played our musical instruments and danced to the beat of the La Cucaracha. What fun! Anyone who wanted to wear our sombrero and shawl were welcome to do so.

Our “Bits of Information” this month were flowers, dinosaurs and metamorphosis. The beautiful Tom Thumb cactus was very prickly. The Peace Lily looked like it had corn on the cob as its flower!!! The Bird of Paradise was another beautiful flower – it did look like a bird!! With the change in the season we learned about metamorphosis and did a project with bugs in the tall grass. Lots of fun!
We enjoyed many figurine dinosaurs, that had movable parts – great to see our dinosaur bits in action.

We made many cute projects like cherry blossom trees, a little peep in a birds nest and a beautiful Iris made with popcorn. For Fathers Day we made cards and ties for our daddy. We all were anxiously awaiting June 4th when daddies were to come to school for a Fathers Day celebration.

We are learning new songs and the Pre-K children are learning how to tell time – the hour and the half hour. Everyone had their own clock!!
We’re looking forward to June’s upcoming fun activities.

There is still time to register for camp. Along with having lots of fun everyday we’ll keep your child’s academic skills sharp with my one on one learning sessions everyday they attend.


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