December Newsletter

December Newsletter


Dear Parents,

The excitement of seeing our new monthly bulletin boards and decorations brought many smiles. Christmas and Hanukkah were going to be celebrated this month!!
We learned holiday songs to sing for Santa’s arrival. He visits each year knowing our little ones are so well behaved at school as well as at home and that they are able to sing his favorite songs for him. We decorated a tree. It looked great all lit up. We had a holiday party and Santa brought everyone a gift too. We heard many holiday stories, made super cute crafts, and even a card & gift for our mommies and daddies. One mother brought Hanukkah cookies for us to decorate. They were delish!!

Our new monthly “bits” of information consisted of instruments that doctors use e.g. otoscope, opthalmoscope, stethoscope – etc.. None of these hurt when we visit the doctor. “Guess the holidays” and “Fireman apparatus”.We discussed the importance of our fire drills and look forward to a visit from our local Fire department in the spring.

We completed all our consonant letters & Lynn’s magic word for each helps us to recall the sound.
Everyone is moving along nicely at their own pace. Some of the pre-k children are writing their first name. So proud of everyone. Cutting is coming along nicely as well. They all are truly “A Step Ahead”!! The end of a very good year___EXCEPT.
– Lynette will not be returning for the New Year. She will be missed tremendously. 
– However Robin Olsen who many of you know will be returning to take over the art room. She too is very creative and loves children.

Our best wishes to all for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2016!


PS. Please tell all your relatives and friends about A Step Ahead Preschool.





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