January 2016 Newsletter A Step Ahead Preschool

Welcome back all after having a fun and enjoyable winter break. Everyone seemed happy to reunite with their classmates. Happy 2016 to all!!
This month’s projects focused on winter fun. The children were so excited with our many “snowmen” projects, especially with the arrival of our 1st huge snowstorm. We learned about penguins and made a cute and informative booklet about them.
Next came Martin Luther King’s birthday. We discussed his dream and made a project in his honor. Everyone noted their dream on it. Very interesting!! 
We had an early visitor for February Dental Health month. Hygienist Cory brought her friend Chewy the dragon with her. We learned how, when, and where to brush our teeth to avoid cavities. We practiced on Chewy and dressed up as teeth too. What fun!! We learned about good healthy cruncy foods and bad sugary foods. Cory gave everyone a goodie bag.
The end of the month brought our yearly parent/teacher conferences. Our pre-k children completed a pre-k skill pack for their parents to see their progress.
Our “bits of information” for this month consisted of different kinds of dogs, dinosaurs and musical instruments. We spoke of how we should never approach a dog unless we aask the owner if his pet is friendly. The dinosaurs made a big hit! We saw their skeltons and the many different kinds of dinosaurs and what they ate. The T-rex seemed to be the favorite one. We learned the names of many musical instruments. We saw the different positions in which they are played for example the guitar (under your arm), the violin(off shoulder) and the bass violin(standing tall).
Our academics are moving along nicely. The nursery group continues to reinforce lower case letters and numbers through 10 and counting. The pre-k children are learning about the vowel family. We started formalized writing of both letters and numbers. Everyone can write their first names. We introduced patterning this month. Great News!! We now have 5 children reading my take home readers – So proud of them! So exciting for me to see their little faces light up after they read the title of their first book for me.
We learned many new winter songs. Hope you are hearing them – The Mitten, I Love Snow, The Frost, Ice Skating Song, etc..
With the cold weather upon us and unable to go outside – to release some energy – we have been using exercise, yoga, dance tapes, bean bags and walk upons. Everyone enjoyed the water table too.


PS. We have updated our A Step Ahead Preschool Facebook page. Please visit it and see all the new photos we have added. Also, share it with your family and friends. https://www.facebook.com/AStepAheadPreschoolMarlboro/

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