Selecting a Preschool – 8 Questions to Ask

As a parent you may be asking yourself how do I select a preschool for my child? Depending on what age your child starts they may spend two or possibly three years in preschool. How well prepared will they be for kindergarten?

Here are eight key areas you should seriously consider when selecting a preschool for your child:

1. Daily Individualized and group instructions
Will they provide a basic foundation for becoming focused and enjoy learning? Individualizing with your child will provide teachers the ability to assess your child’s progress and tailor learning to their pace and level.
2. Reading and Math
Will they teach your child to read by attacking words phonetically and also teaching them basic math skills and writing skills?
3. Think analytically
Will they help children learn to think analytically for themselves? No high dependency on an electronic devices that by pressing a few buttons an answer will pop out.
4. Build emotional and self confidence
Do they encourage in a non-intimidating environment speaking in front of their teachers and classmates. Ask about the kind of activities that are part of their program.
5. Fun Activities
Is the school day filled with all kinds of fun activities? Do they do an art project as well as have lots of other fun hands on activities on a daily basis -for example, blocks, puzzling, story time, water/sand table, lit tracing table, musical instruments? These are a key part of helping your child learn and grow.
6. Certification and Licensing
Check that the facility and teachers are state certified and licensed.
7. Information Bits
Glen Doman of the Better Baby Institute was a pioneer in early learning. Doman’s approach is formulated around how to teach your infant and preschooler to recognize words and shapes that would get children focused and reading at an early age. Utilization of “Bits” of information or “Bit Cards” foster this approach to early learning. Ask if the preschool you are about to select utilizes any of Glen Doman’s approaches to early learning. More importantly do they use any of his teachings and can they help you as a parent utilize some of them.
8. Diversity
While it may seem early for your child to understand diversity, helping your child become aware that some of their friends celebrate different holidays and experience them through songs, art projects, food & stories will make them more well rounded individuals by the time they reach kindergarten. Does the preschool expose children to these holidays and their significance?

Here’s a quick download of these 8 Key Areas, click here to get your free copy.

Here at A Step Ahead Preschool, we believe the preschool years are a very important time in the lives of children. We also believe that the best programs embody all 8 key areas. We frequently hear from our former parents how well their children are doing crediting their success to our program. For more information, give us a call at 732-946-3441.

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