February 2016 A Step Ahead Preschool Inc. Newsletter

Dear Parents,

February was filled with many fun and interesting topics (Groundhog Day, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day & Presidents Day).

February 2nd – Ground Hog Day – Our weathermen said the Groundhog did not see his shadow so spring would be coming soon. The teachers were so happy, but the children weren’t. They were hoping that the groundhog would go back into his hole and burrow there for another 6 weeks – bringing us lots of snow. We read stories and learned about groundhogs. We made one too. Our teacher made a cute groundhog cookie for each of us. A nice surprise and sooo yummy!

Next came the Chinese New Year. Our classmate and his mom shared their holiday with us. This was the year of the Monkey. His mom read a story book called, “The Lucky New Year”, that explained their traditions. They brought in a huge dragon. It was covered with beautiful colored feathers. We all got a chance to be the head and/or the tail of the dragon. What fun!! They also brought in many items related to the holiday. A doll wore the beautiful customary red and gold colored dress. We all received a “Lucky” red envelope too. It was so nice to learn and share in our friend’s holiday.

Valentines Day made a big hit!! We danced, played special games and shared our “lovely” cards and treats with all of our friends. We learned many songs to sing for our family and friends too. Everyone had a special Valentine – mommy, daddy, grandparents, siblings, a friend, a pet etc.. We danced to the Chicken, Hokey Pokey, Freeze dance and the Limbo too. Everyone got a special prize for playing Musical Chairs and pin the mouth on the Valentine heart. It was a fun party day.

Presidents’ Day was next. We used chocolate, marshmallows, and a cookie to make Presidents Washington and Lincoln. They were not only cute, fun to make but delicious too. They looked just like them!!

Our “Bits of Information” this month were Animal Tracks, Chinese New Year, Presidents and The Middle Atlantic States.
Some children saw animal tracks in the snow! They said they looked like they were from – a deer, a fox, a dog, a chipmunk, squirrel, a little white-footed mouse. Just like in our weekly “Bits of Information”.
Our Chinese New Year Bits showed us pictures of wealth, good fortune and prosperity.
We saw pictures and learned something about the last 5 presidents of the US as well as our 1st and 16th Presidents. Everyone got the opportunity to see the penny, quarter, $1 dollar bill and the $5 dollar bill. Whose picture was on them??
Our final week of bits for this month was the Middle Atlantic States. Did you know that we live in one of the 5 Middle Atlantic States? We saw where they are located on our United States map puzzle.

Our individualized academics are moving along nicely at everyone’s own pace. So proud of everyone! Many of our pre-kindergartners are now doing 50 and 100 piece puzzles. Great analytical thinkers!! They not only can write their 1st name but their last name as well. Many are now phonetically reading and doing basic addition. We are so proud of them!! We are reinforcing “Positions” – in, on, through, over, under, beside, next to and between.

Hope everyone hung their bird feeders outside and are seeing those hungry birds feeding on them.  

We’re looking forward to spring and getting out into the playground. 


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