A Step Ahead Preschool March Newsletter

Dear Parents,

March began with the celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday. We read several Dr. Seuss books and made many fun projects. One of our favorite stories was Green Eggs and Ham. We melted white chocolate and put green M&M’s on it. They were the best eggs! Sooo delicious! Another favorite story was Fox in Socks. We made cute fox puppets using a brown paper bag. Great cutting and pasting skills. We invited our mommies and daddies to come in to read their child’s favorite story to their classmates.

St. Patrick’s day made a big hit. Traditionally our pre-k children make Leprechaun traps. We try to capture but not kill those cleaver, funny, rich little Leprechauns! We hope to share their fortune. Thanks to everyone for participating. What great traps we got!! Unfortunately we did not catch those clever Leprechauns. They played in our traps and left a big mess in our classroom. However they left us a note, chocolate coins, Leprechaun pins and a balloon. We had green bagels to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Those who made a trap received a certificate and a prize too. What fun!!

Patrolman Frank from the Marlboro Police Dept. visited us. He spoke about strangers and staying safe. We saw a video too. He gave everyone a police deputy badge.

We couldn’t believe our eyes!!!
We saw the Easter Bunny swinging on a swing in the playground!! There were so many eggs scattered all over the play yard. Everyone had a bag to hunt for as many as they could find. We all got prizes and candy!! We took a picture with the bunny too. What fun we had!! One of our mommies made a cute edible bunny. It was made out of bread surrounded with lots of veggies and dip. — Sooo delicious! Everyone enjoyed the day and especially those chocolate eggs and jellybeans.

Our academics are moving along nicely at everyone’s own pace. This months “Bits of Information” were awesome – “Flags”, “Vacation Attractions” in NY and Washington DC and “Rabbits”. We can recognize the flags of the USA, Canada, Ireland, Germany, China, Italy and France. We saw pictures and discussed interesting places in New York – Manhattan’s beautiful night skyline, Port of New York and the Statue of Liberty. In Washington DC the White House, Capital building and the Washington Monument. We learned about many kinds of rabbits. Everyone saw cotton tail rabbits in their back yards. Did you know the Snowshoe rabbit changes the color of its coat to white in the winter from brown in the summer?? There really are blue rabbits!! Yes the Vienna rabbits really are blue in color! The Lop-eared bunny has long floppy ears that drag on the ground. Rabbits have really large families. They are all so cute. 

Everyone was looking forward to our spring break. Hope everyone enjoyed and made some fond memories.


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