A Step Ahead Preschool May Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Everyone enjoyed our Mothers Day celebration! The children sang to their moms. The Pre-K children each had a verse to say about their mom’s unconditional love – for example they love us whether we are good or bad! The children told us all about their moms. In turn the mommies read what their child had to say about them. Our placemats were hand drawn showing us what their mommy looked like. Very cute!! Everyone made a vase as a gift. Each was very different and beautiful. We all ate bagels, fruit and drank juice together. So delicious!! The brownies made a big hit!!

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo – eating yummy chips and salsa. We played our musical instruments and danced to the beat of the La Cucaracha. What fun! Anyone who wanted to wear our sombrero and shawl were welcome to do so.

Our “Bits of Information” this month were flowers, dinosaurs and metamorphosis. The beautiful Tom Thumb cactus was very prickly. The Peace Lily looked like it had corn on the cob as its flower!!! The Bird of Paradise was another beautiful flower – it did look like a bird!! With the change in the season we learned about metamorphosis and did a project with bugs in the tall grass. Lots of fun!
We enjoyed many figurine dinosaurs, that had movable parts – great to see our dinosaur bits in action.

We made many cute projects like cherry blossom trees, a little peep in a birds nest and a beautiful Iris made with popcorn. For Fathers Day we made cards and ties for our daddy. We all were anxiously awaiting June 4th when daddies were to come to school for a Fathers Day celebration.

We are learning new songs and the Pre-K children are learning how to tell time – the hour and the half hour. Everyone had their own clock!!
We’re looking forward to June’s upcoming fun activities.

There is still time to register for camp. Along with having lots of fun everyday we’ll keep your child’s academic skills sharp with my one on one learning sessions everyday they attend.


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