September 2016 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We welcomed our new and returning parents and students at our annual orientation.
Separation was difficult for a few or our little ones. I’m so happy to say that everyone settled in nicely now. They know the daily routine and that “all the Mommies” come back.

Our September apple theme made a big hit. On the 1st day of school the children made handprints and a cute 1st day of school poem was attached. Priceless in years to come!! Some other exciting projects were apple trees, an apple person, apple bag puppets and a delicious apple stick lollipop. Everyone chose their own toppings. So yummy! Many of our hands on materials were introduced this month as well.

Our bits of information this month were body parts , fruits, vegetables and basic shapes. A trapezoid, cylinder, and parallelogram were introduced to our pre-K group as well. The letters s, m, f and r were also presented. We’re working on holding our pencil properly, tracing, coloring and cutting.

Everyone looked forward to playing in our large fenced in play yard. The swings, slide and bikes always make a big hit!!

*You’ll never believe how our little 3 year olds are starting to say the pledge of allegiance. We have so many great singers too.

Best Regards,

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