Nov. – Dec. 2016 Newsletter

A Step Ahead Preschool November_December 2016 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

November Newsletter:

As the Thanksgiving Holiday approached we discussed how we got the 1st Thanksgiving and its true meaning – giving, sharing, thankfulness and awareness of others less fortunate.

Our art projects were centered on the fall season – leaf handprints, pilgrims, turkeys, Indians, teepee etc.. Such fun!

Our academics continue to move along at everyone’s own pace. So proud of everyone’s progress! We have several children doing 100 piece puzzles now too. Great analytical thinkers!! Everyone enjoyed our Thanksgiving songs too.

Our bits of information were: Holidays – Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas. Included in our bits were animal parents/baby animals – ex. kangaroo/joey, horse/foal, goat/kid etc..
Some extra interesting facts we learned – The baby zebra is born with brown stripes. When it matures the stripes turn black like its parents. We also learned that some camels have 1 hump and others have 2 humps – these are called dromedaries.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with a party whereby everyone brought something to share – just as the Pilgrims and Indians did. The fruits, veggies, dip etc. were enjoyed by all.

December Newsletter:

This month brought the excitement of Christmas and Chanukah. The children were in awh seeing our Christmas tree all lit up and anticipating Santa’s arrival.

Everyone made a special holiday gift and card for their parents. Art projects were made with many different media – beads, gems, popsicle sticks, etc.. They included elfs, trees, Santas, reindeers, dreidels, menorahs, etc.. Everyone looked forward to their daily art project.

We learned many holiday songs, read many stories and had a fun holiday party too. Our preK children are writing their names. Many in our nursery group have moved from large to fine motor skills.

Our bits this month were birds – bald eagle, screech owl, turkey vulture, etc.. In addition, we explored jobs people have – e.g. musicians, teacher, policemen, zookeepers, etc.. and Fireman Apparatus – e.g. extinguishers, gas masks, etc..

Santa arrived with a gift for each child. Such excitement! We sang Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red Nose Raindeer, his favorite songs :).

Best wishes to all for a New Year blessed with much happiness, peace, prosperity and good health.

Best Regards,

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