January 2017 Newsletter

A Step Ahead Preschool, January 2017 Newletter

We glided into the New Year with a cute glitter ice skate project.
The month of January was very busy. A dental hygienist visited with her cute dragon. We got to brush his teeth. We learned about taking good care of our teeth, eating properly, brushing and flossing. She narrated a story and many of the children volunteered to dress as teeth, a tooth fairy, a cavity and dental floss, etc.. What fun!

We learned about Martin Luther King and how he encouraged people to get along.
Next came the inauguration of our new president. Making history, the afternoon children got to see President Trump getting sworn into office. They were excited to say the pledge of allegiance with those on TV.

We had a parent teacher conference this month as well. Parents were so happy to hear of their child’s progress and were given some ideas as to working along with us.

One of our mom’s visited and explained the Chinese New Year. It is the year of the Rooster. She brought a beautiful dragon and lots of Chinese memorabilia. She also read a cute and very colorful book explaining the holiday. Everyone received a good luck “red” envelope containing a special treat. What a fun time. We all got a chance to be the head and the tail of the dragon.

Our art projects this month centered around snowmen. You couldn’t imagine all the different snowmen we made… paperplate snowmen, toilet roll snowmen, potato snowmen, palm and footprint snowmen, egg carton snowmen and the cutest of all was our snowman snow globe.
We spoke of Eskimos and igloos too.

Our PreK group began formalized writing. Writing from top to bottom and left to right progression, proper holding of our markers and proper placement of paper for left and right hand students.

We learned many new songs too. Our January bits of information were different kinds of dogs, instruments that doctors use when we go for our check ups and the Chinese New Year (health, prosperity, fortune, etc..)

Our PreK children are well prepared for Kindergarten. They can write their first and last names now. We are working on counting by 5’s and 10’s as well as sequencing numbers. Some children are doing addition and subtraction too. We added decagon, dodecagon and pentadecagon to our shape bits.

Our nursery group continues to learn their letters and numbers. We have added the straight and crooked line segment and the angle to their shape bits.
Hope you are getting feedback from your child.
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