March 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

The month of March had many fun topics to celebrate. March truly came in like a lion with the fierce wind. We made a cute lion using a paper plate. We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday ! We decorated cup cakes and made green eggs and ham with chocolate. Not only cute but yummy too!!

Our St. Patrick’s Day, theme was so exciting! Our Pre-K children made such creative traps in hopes of catching those tricky, jovial, smart rich little Leprechauns. The Leprechauns partied and left a hugh mess in our art room.  We didn’t catch them but they left a note, balloons and some gold chocolate coins for all of us. We had our own party – the green bagels, green grapes and golden Oreo cookies were enjoyed by all. Our art projects consisted of green pepper shamrocks, rainbows, a pot of gold and several cute Leprechauns made with our painted hand, paper plates etc.. We even made special Leprechaun binoculars.

As spring arrived we made kites, a bird, chicks in a nest and a cotton ball lamb in hopes that March would go out like a lamb.

We had a special visitor! Patrolman Perini came to our school and spoke about strangers, wearing our seat belt, safety around pools, etc.. He showed us a video and gave each child a deputy badge.

Our  “Bits” of Information this month were: Flags, musical instruments, dinosaurs and insects and their habitats. We saw flags from where our classmates families came from – USA, Ireland, Canada, Italy, India etc.. Our musical instrument bits included the violin, guitar, French horn and grand piano. We saw how instruments were played off the shoulder (violin), the guitar (waist), and harp on the floor. We all made music with our own less sophisticated instruments.

As the warm weather is approaching we spoke about insects and saw where they lived – ant/ant hills, bees/beehives, hornets/nests, crickets etc.. The dinosaur bits made a big hit!! Many children had gone to the Dinosaur Expo and museum. They knew many of the dinosaurs names.

The Pre-K children are working on writing upper and lower case letters properly. They were introduced to the ruler and now know how to measure using our “Bear” measurement game. Everyone is so smart.

The nursery group is moving along nicely with all their skills as well. We are so proud of everyone.

Best Regards,



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