June 2017 Newsletter

June 2017 Newsletter

The school year was rapidly coming to an end. June started with our Father’s Day celebration at school on Saturday morning.

The children had several cute projects to honor their dads. For example, a rocket telling dad they loved him to the moon and back; a sheet of questions that the children told us especially about their dads – e.g. what makes daddy happy? His favorite foods? etc.. Very cute and something to cherish. The dads painted a cute ceramic bank with their child. We did relays, a bean bag toss, parachute activities and other fun activities. We ended with refreshments and a great time was had by all.

We had a week of fun days including an Academic Bowl where by 2 teams competed in their memory of our Bits of Information; a Pet Parade Day where the children brought in their favorite pet to school and a dress up talent day. Oh what fun! We had gymnasts, singers, karate kids, Spiderman only to name a few. For Game Day we bowled, fished, golfed, pitched, etc. and a Field Day with relays, hoola hops, hippy hops, water gun shoots, a water balloon throw, etc.. a Movie, Pajamas and Popcorn Day and a Make Your Own Sundae Day. Yum!! It was our last official day of school. Everyone Enjoyed it!! The following day was our 31st Graduation ceremony for all of our pre-K children who would be leaving us to enter Kindergarten in the fall. They sang some of their favorite songs and each child has a verse to say. Everyone did a great job!! We are all so proud of them. We took lots of pictures, wished them well and told them how we would miss them tremendously and hoped they would come visit us.


The end of another great school year!


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