May 2017 Newsletter

May 2017 Newsletter

With the arrival of Spring and all the rain we planted sunflowers and made some beautiful artificial flowers – poppey’s, hycinia, dandelions and even made handprint bouquets to decorate our classroom for our Mothers Day celebration. All of our mommies really enjoyed our program in their honor. Everyone made their mom a pot holder which they decorated using stencils and fabric paint. Each one was uniquely decorated and sooo cute. Other art projects consisted of caterpillars, butterflys, bees and chicks using all different medias. So much fun! Everyone was so proud of theirs.

We had a special visitor. A dad who is a science professor. He did an amazing interactive  experiment. Everyone got involved and thoroughly enjoyed it.

With our Fathers Day Program soon to follow we made a cute tie, hand prints and spaghetti painting. The month ended with Memorial Day. We made some beautiful flags and spoke about the true meaning of this holiday – honoring those brave man and women who served our country. They sacrificed their lives to keep us free and safe.

We played on the water table, used our play dough and painted on the easel.

This month’s “Bits of Information” were root vegetables, sea shells and dinosaurs. Some of our children planted vegetable gardens and were so excited to tell everyone all about theirs. Our sea shell bits made a big hit! We learned that when an appendage of a starfish gets damaged it re-grows. Everyone got to hear the sound of the ocean with the very beautiful conch shell. Our dinosaurs were amazing. The children knew many of their names.

The preK children made a clock and learned how to tell the hour and half hour.

Our individualized instruction really showed great progress for all. Our parents were so happy and proud of their children.

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