2017 September, October Newsletter

2017 September Newsletter


The month of Sept. began with our “Meet & Greet “for both children and parents.

On the first day of school everyone was reassured that their mommies would be coming back. They learned classroom rules and routines and hopefully made a friend or two!!

Our art room theme this month was “apples”. We talked about healthy snacks. We tasted red, yellow and green apples and had a contest to see “which apple” most of the children liked. We made apple lollypops, editable yummy apple trees, mosaic apples, apple prints and cute picture frames too. We celebrated Johnny Appleseed’s birthday.  The Jewish New Year celebrated with apples with honey.

Our “Bits of Information” this month were body parts, fruits and vegetables. A trapezoid, parallelogram and cylinder were added to our pre-K basic shapes.

Everyone is working on holding their pencils properly.  Coloring in the lines and cutting skills are being reinforced. Everyone was screened as to where they are with shape, number and letter recognition. Now everyone is working at their own pace and are being moved along accordingly.

To date the letters s, m, f and r have been introduced to our Nursery group . You wouldn’t believe how well everyone says the “Pledge of Allegiance”. We have so many great singers too.

It has been a fun first month of school with lots of hands on materials.


October 2017 Newsletter


So many fun things to celebrate this month – Falls arrival, Columbus Day and the excitement of Halloween.

The art room was so busy. Everyone enjoying cutting , pasting, painting, etc.. Some of our activities included painting their foot with white paint – what cute ghosts they made!! We made scary tip skeletons, puppy candy corn,  toilet paper roll flying bats, popsicle pumpkins,  a shaving cream mummy etc. etc. Fun!  Fun!  Fun!

One of our dad’s came in to cut our large pumpkin into a Jack O’ Latern. We all got to pull the seeds & pulp out. YUK! We saved the seeds, washed and dried them & then roasted them. Oh they tasted so delicious!! One of our mom’s did an owl mask with us. We used feathers, paint and glue. They looked so cute.  Everyone also got a pumpkin of their own to paint & take home.  On Halloween we had a fun party with lots of games, yummy goodies and prizes – pin the nose on the pumpkin, musical chairs and the freeze dance were favorites!!  Everyone dressed up and their mommies and daddies were invited to school for our Halloween Parade and to hear all of our cute Halloween songs.  What a fun day we had!!

We had our “Back to School” night explaining how the children spend their day. We displayed many of our great manipulatives. Daily motor skills are reinforced with fun things to trace. Our Bits of Information this month were leaves, baby animals (ex. goat-kid/ horse – foal/kangaroo – Joey etc.), vehicles (ex. police car, mail truck, hook/ladder, ambulance, motor home, etc.) and street signs(ex. stop, yield, do not enter, etc.).

The nursery group added the cylinder and parallelogram to their shape bits while the PreK group added a straight line segment, a crooked line segment and the pentagon. Everyone is moving along nicely academically at their own pace. We are so proud of everyone. Most of the children can now put their own jacket on – so proud of themselves too.

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