2017 November, December Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter

November brought many cute and colorful crafts –  multi colored leaves, trees, squirrels, acorns, turkeys, teepees, Indian corn, turkey hats and even pumpkin pie! We used many different medias and had lots of fun!  Everyone was so creative!

Our Pre-Kers are writing their first names as our nursery group continues to trace objects. The Pre-Kers are counting to 100 with little assistance while our nursery group to 30. Everyone is doing great moving along at their own pace. We have been working on “Positions” such as on top, around, under, below, between, etc.. Our bits of information this month were leaves, Fireman apparatus and holidays (Veterans Day, Halloween, Hanukah and Christmas). We discussed how we got the first Thanksgiving. We learned about the Pilgrims and Indians. We learned several Thanksgiving songs too! We had a party. Everyone brought something they could share with their classmates. We danced and played musical chairs – A fun day! Our big surprise project was our book to Mommy and Daddy.


December 2017 Newsletter

The children were so excited with the thought of Christmas,  Hanukah and the winter season.  They were hoping for snow. They helped to decorate our classrooms as well as the Christmas tree. Everyone was given  Santa’s phone number at the North Pole J. We learned many Christmas and Hanukah songs to sing for Santa on his arrival at school.

Our art projects centered around the holidays. We made dreidels, Menorahs, the Star of David, candy canes, Christmas Tree ornaments, reindeer and of course a snowman, sled and a winter scene. We used play dough, hand prints, paint, popsicle sticks, beads and potatoes for our prints. Everyone enjoyed!! The cold winter weather set in and Santa did arrive bringing a gift for all our good boys and girls.

Our bits of information this month were Birds – (turkey vulture, screech owl, bald eagle), Jobs – (teachers, fireman, zookeeper, etc.). We are working on sequencing and rhyming.

Hope you are getting feedbackJ.

Wishing all a truly happy, prosperous and healthy New Year!!

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