2018 January February Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter

January brought the beginning of a New Calendar Year – Happy, Healthy and Snowy 2018!!

We made so many cute projects – several different penguins using different media, polar bears, Eskimos and their igloo, winter mittens, snowflakes and hot chocolate too. What fun everyone had!!

Our Pre-K group started formalized writing. They are practicing their last names as well as numbers 1 – 9 using a top to bottom and left to right progression. The Nursery group continues practicing holding their pencils properly, tracing on and coloring in the lines.

Everyone’s progress was tested and recorded in preparation for our Parent Teacher conferences at the end of the month. A skill packet was given to our Pre-K parents.

As our program moves along so does our individualized instruction at each child’s pace.  We are reinforcing rhyming, a-b-c order and symmetry with our Pre-K group.

Our bits of information were different kinds of owls and nursery rhymes.

February 2018 Newsletter

February was filled with many exciting events.

We were so happy that the Ground hog didn’t see his shadow on Ground Hog Day. Everyone was hoping to get some warm weather so they could go out into the playground. We made a cute ground hog!!

The Super bowl was exciting. Everyone had a team to root for. They’re daddy told them the best team. We cut, sewed and stuffed a football just like they used in the game.

Valentine’s Day came next. We made many cute Valentine projects and a beautiful  card for moms and dads. The highlight of our Valentines celebration was not only the party but our dance too. It was so much fun doing the tooti ta, hokey pokey, chicken, the limbo and twist. We played musical chairs and got blindfolded to pin the lips on our large Valentine. Everyone got a prize.

We learned about our first President George Washington and our sixteenth President Abraham Lincoln and our current President Donald Trump. We saw the $1 and $5 dollar bills and a penny and quarter with President Lincoln and President Washington on them.

We made different snowmen – a snow globe, a snow man foot print, a marshmallow print too. All so cute and fun to do.

At last we had a special visitor Patrolman Frank came from the Marlboro Police Department. He spoke to us about strangers,  staying safe, wearing seat belts, swimming, etc.. He showed us a video and gave everyone a badge. We went outside to see his new police car. The sirens were very loud and the flashing lights very bright. It was awesome!!

Our “Bits of Info” this month were presidents, different kinds of dogs, and sharks.

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