2018 March Newsletter

March, 2018 Newsletter

March brought the excitement of St Patty’s Day. Our Pre-K children along with their parents each built a Leprechaun trap. We discussed how the Leprechauns were from Ireland. They were very rich, happy, kind and generous folks who loved to party in the USA. Every year they visit our school as they would see our shamrock pin wheel welcoming them. 

We set up our traps for them not only to play in but in hopes of trapping them. They all were decorated with green shiny things – even gold coins.  Well! They came, partied and left a hugh mess! They left us a note telling us what fun they had but they were too clever for us. They left us chocolate gold coins and balloons too. We learned several St. Patty’s Day songs in hopes of singing for them too. Well – we ate green bagels and wore Leprechaun hats without them. Everyone enjoyed!


Our classroom was decorated with so many cute projects – a roaring paper plate lion to welcome in March, glitter shamrocks, Leprechaun hats, a water rainbow, a pot of gold, and a  fruit loops rainbow too. What fun!

Spring arrived bringing a snow storm. We made a cute kite using our handprints, chicks using a fork and a celery stalk flower.

Our next exciting event before our Spring break was our Easter / Passover Party. Peter Rabbit visited. We had an Egg Hunt too. We made a beautiful Passover cup.

Our bits this month were organs of the body (heart, lungs, intestines) and rabbits. The Lopeared seemed to be the favorite bunny with his long ears. Many saw the cottontail rabbits in their back yards. The Snow Shoe rabbit changed their fur color in winter from white to brown in the summer – amazing!!

Everyone is moving along nicely with their skills. So proud of everyone.


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