April 2018 Newsletter

Glad to hear all enjoyed the Spring Break. With spring’s arrival we looked forward to all its beautiful signs – flowers, butterfly’s, firefly’s, school photos and preparation for our upcoming Mothers Day celebration.

We planted sun flower seeds – oh how quickly they sprouted! Our hopes are that they will grow taller than our house garage.

We painted bow tie macaroni to make our butterfly’s and kites. They were so colorful and beautiful.

Our photographer came. He had everyone smiling and took the cutest pictures of everyone.

In hopes of getting some sunshine our projects centered on our moms who always light up our lives. We made a beautiful vase using wrapping paper and our finger prints for the flowers. We continued to work on our “Big Hugs” booklet. This was the children’s gift to their mommies.

Our bits this month were the parts of a flower and different kinds of birds – bald eagle, crowned crane, peacock, etc.. Our Pre-K children are counting to 100 and their motor skills are improving. Our nursery group is moving along nicely with numbers and letter recognition as well. We learned new songs and verses to sing for our moms.


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