April 2018 Newsletter

Glad to hear all enjoyed the Spring Break. With spring’s arrival we looked forward to all its beautiful signs – flowers, butterfly’s, firefly’s, school photos and preparation for our upcoming Mothers Day celebration.

We planted sun flower seeds – oh how quickly they sprouted! Our hopes are that they will grow taller than our house garage.

We painted bow tie macaroni to make our butterfly’s and kites. They were so colorful and beautiful.

Our photographer came. He had everyone smiling and took the cutest pictures of everyone.

In hopes of getting some sunshine our projects centered on our moms who always light up our lives. We made a beautiful vase using wrapping paper and our finger prints for the flowers. We continued to work on our “Big Hugs” booklet. This was the children’s gift to their mommies.

Our bits this month were the parts of a flower and different kinds of birds – bald eagle, crowned crane, peacock, etc.. Our Pre-K children are counting to 100 and their motor skills are improving. Our nursery group is moving along nicely with numbers and letter recognition as well. We learned new songs and verses to sing for our moms.


2018 March Newsletter

March, 2018 Newsletter

March brought the excitement of St Patty’s Day. Our Pre-K children along with their parents each built a Leprechaun trap. We discussed how the Leprechauns were from Ireland. They were very rich, happy, kind and generous folks who loved to party in the USA. Every year they visit our school as they would see our shamrock pin wheel welcoming them. 

We set up our traps for them not only to play in but in hopes of trapping them. They all were decorated with green shiny things – even gold coins.  Well! They came, partied and left a hugh mess! They left us a note telling us what fun they had but they were too clever for us. They left us chocolate gold coins and balloons too. We learned several St. Patty’s Day songs in hopes of singing for them too. Well – we ate green bagels and wore Leprechaun hats without them. Everyone enjoyed!


Our classroom was decorated with so many cute projects – a roaring paper plate lion to welcome in March, glitter shamrocks, Leprechaun hats, a water rainbow, a pot of gold, and a  fruit loops rainbow too. What fun!

Spring arrived bringing a snow storm. We made a cute kite using our handprints, chicks using a fork and a celery stalk flower.

Our next exciting event before our Spring break was our Easter / Passover Party. Peter Rabbit visited. We had an Egg Hunt too. We made a beautiful Passover cup.

Our bits this month were organs of the body (heart, lungs, intestines) and rabbits. The Lopeared seemed to be the favorite bunny with his long ears. Many saw the cottontail rabbits in their back yards. The Snow Shoe rabbit changed their fur color in winter from white to brown in the summer – amazing!!

Everyone is moving along nicely with their skills. So proud of everyone.


Reading Goals for Preschool Children: When Should Your Child Start to Read?

Every parent thinks their child is a genius. You know, the next child prodigy. We think about all the amazing things they can be and what they will achieve in this life – we want the best life possible for them.

It’s not surprising that we worry about making sure our kids are reaching certain milestones: laughing, rolling, and babbling at four months. Clapping, responding, and sitting at six months. Saying their first words, waving, and walking at a year.

We want to make sure they are on the right path to success. These milestones give us peace of mind that our kids will be capable of achieving whatever they put their brilliant little minds to.

As a parent, our greatest responsibility is giving them every opportunity possible to succeed in life.

Perhaps the most important question is when should your child start learning to read? Is it in preschool or later? Read on to learn about preschool learning and when they should start.

Is Earlier Really Better?

When it comes to taking steps in children’s education, the milestones can be a little vague.

When should they learn the alphabet? What about starting a musical instrument? When should they be introduced to math?

Needless to say, teaching little human beings everything they need to know in life can be overwhelming.

Gretchen Kerr, the director of the Better Baby Institute, stated: “Children have the capacity to learn from the second day of life.”

The Better Baby method runs on the idea that providing accurate information as soon as possible will give them the head start they need on their education.

The sooner you start teaching your child, the better.

More and more researchers are finding that the process of learning how to read can really start in babyhood. There really is no reason to wait to start educating your child.

Start by reading to your baby and getting them familiar with the idea that books contain stories and information.

Soon, your child will be reaching for their favorite books on their own. They will understand that the words and phrases written in the book actually mean something.

You don’t need to wait till your child is in kindergarten to start preschool learning with him. When it comes to educating your kids, there is no better time to start than now. This way, when they start public school, they will be ahead of the game and filled with confidence.

What Is the Best Method?

Your child is ready to learn how to read, so where do you start?

The Phonetic approach is a good starting point. Getting your child familiar with the phonetic sounds associated with each letter will give him/her the tools they needs to be a confident reader later.

Research shows that good readers always use phonics to decipher new words. This helps them feel successful when they come across a new word they don’t recognize.

To teach this method, start by giving your child a word reminder for each letter sound. Slowly add on letters.

Don’t get frustrated if this process takes some time.

Some kids remember all the letters, sounds, and associated words. Other kids won’t remember everything the first few times, but they’re soaking it in.

Even if your child can’t respond to everything on demand, they is learning and becoming familiar with the process reading.

We have found that this approach really works well for preschool learning. It helps kids start reading before they go to kindergarten.

What Is Realistic in Preschool Learning?

You must remember that all kids are different when it comes to preschool learning. It’s hard not to compare our own child with the one next door.

Everyone learns at their own pace. This is true for both adults and children.

Some children will be able to vocalize what they are learning sooner than other children. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are ahead. Many kids just take a little longer to vocalize what they’re learning.

For example, you can ask a child to pick up the red block before they are even able to physically say the word “red.”

By the time they graduate preschool, they will have all the tools they need to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.

How Important Is Playtime?

One way to engage your kids is to keep the preschool learning activities fun and active. Children learn best through play.

In a simple experiment done with third graders, two groups were asked to solve a math story problem.

The group that only read the problem often got it wrong. The group who acted it out with each other got it right every time.

Engaging the body and being active when learning adds another dimension to preschool learning. It also helps kids remember what is being taught.

Playtime is the child’s lab, and they are experimenting with everything around him/her.

Children reinforce and practice what they have learned in multiple areas when they play with each other. It gives them time and a safe medium to show new skills and see how they are all connected.

For example, when children play restaurant, they write and draw menus, set prices and talk about money, and communicate with each other. Playtime is the main learning tool that children use to learn about the world around them.

The best preschools will recognize that playtime provides many opportunities for children to learn. Plus, it leads to socialization and confidence. Scheduling playtime into the daily schedule is essential.

Will My Child Feel Pressure to Succeed?

Some parents feel that starting preschool learning early will lead to the child feeling pressure. While we never want to place unwarranted pressure on our kids, we need to take advantage of the time they’re young and eager to learn.

Preschool children love learning. Have you noticed that kindergarteners love school and homework, while high school seniors dread going back to school in the fall?

This is because children want to learn everything they can. Their brains pick up on new information very quickly.

When you teach children in a positive environment where they can learn and succeed, they will carry that love for learning with them throughout their life.

Starting early will give your kids a head start as they progress into their formal education years. This will often lead to advanced placement and honors classes as they go on.

Can’t They Always Catch up Later?

This is a common question from parents. Sadly, the answer is no. The child may not always be able to catch up to his/her peers if he or she starts school already behind.

Let’s say a child starts kindergarten without any prior educational experiences. It can be overwhelming – to say the least.

Kindergarten tends to go much quicker than preschool learning. The classes are bigger, which can be more intimidating.

The child can soon feel overwhelmed and defeated before his/her formal education even starts. Confidence and self-esteem are crucial for children. If they feel they belong at the bottom of the class, this is where they will most likely stay.

If your child starts kindergarten with the tools needed to be successful, they will get the confidence and self-esteem they deserves.

Every child is capable of learning and succeeding. If your child is behind, they can definitely get the help they need. But, why not make sure they are prepared with the right tools from the beginning?

We’re Here for You and Your Child

Being a parent is stressful. The list of things to do is endless when it comes to raising your child. There are a million things to worry about on a daily basis.

Are they getting the right nutrition? Have they eaten all their fruits and vegetables for the day?

Are they getting enough sleep? How many hours did they really sleep last night?

Do they have friends? Do they feel confident and accepted by their peers?

Are they polite? Do they have manners?

Do they feel loved? Am I providing for his/her emotional needs?

Does his/her shoes still fit? Have they grown out of his/her pants yet?

What do they really love to do? How can I help them find their passion?

Has he or she had too much screen time today? Have they been active enough?

The list could go on and on. It’s no secret that parents have a lot to worry about. Let us lighten your load and help you make sure that your child is on the right track with his/her preschool learning.

Get Expert Help

In our program, we spend one on one time with every child, and we know exactly what they need to be successful.

Our team has over 30 years of experience. We help every child reach there full potential, and we’re confident in our program.

Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll make sure your child is ahead of all the recommended milestones.

2018 January February Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter

January brought the beginning of a New Calendar Year – Happy, Healthy and Snowy 2018!!

We made so many cute projects – several different penguins using different media, polar bears, Eskimos and their igloo, winter mittens, snowflakes and hot chocolate too. What fun everyone had!!

Our Pre-K group started formalized writing. They are practicing their last names as well as numbers 1 – 9 using a top to bottom and left to right progression. The Nursery group continues practicing holding their pencils properly, tracing on and coloring in the lines.

Everyone’s progress was tested and recorded in preparation for our Parent Teacher conferences at the end of the month. A skill packet was given to our Pre-K parents.

As our program moves along so does our individualized instruction at each child’s pace.  We are reinforcing rhyming, a-b-c order and symmetry with our Pre-K group.

Our bits of information were different kinds of owls and nursery rhymes.

February 2018 Newsletter

February was filled with many exciting events.

We were so happy that the Ground hog didn’t see his shadow on Ground Hog Day. Everyone was hoping to get some warm weather so they could go out into the playground. We made a cute ground hog!!

The Super bowl was exciting. Everyone had a team to root for. They’re daddy told them the best team. We cut, sewed and stuffed a football just like they used in the game.

Valentine’s Day came next. We made many cute Valentine projects and a beautiful  card for moms and dads. The highlight of our Valentines celebration was not only the party but our dance too. It was so much fun doing the tooti ta, hokey pokey, chicken, the limbo and twist. We played musical chairs and got blindfolded to pin the lips on our large Valentine. Everyone got a prize.

We learned about our first President George Washington and our sixteenth President Abraham Lincoln and our current President Donald Trump. We saw the $1 and $5 dollar bills and a penny and quarter with President Lincoln and President Washington on them.

We made different snowmen – a snow globe, a snow man foot print, a marshmallow print too. All so cute and fun to do.

At last we had a special visitor Patrolman Frank came from the Marlboro Police Department. He spoke to us about strangers,  staying safe, wearing seat belts, swimming, etc.. He showed us a video and gave everyone a badge. We went outside to see his new police car. The sirens were very loud and the flashing lights very bright. It was awesome!!

Our “Bits of Info” this month were presidents, different kinds of dogs, and sharks.

2017 November, December Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter

November brought many cute and colorful crafts –  multi colored leaves, trees, squirrels, acorns, turkeys, teepees, Indian corn, turkey hats and even pumpkin pie! We used many different medias and had lots of fun!  Everyone was so creative!

Our Pre-Kers are writing their first names as our nursery group continues to trace objects. The Pre-Kers are counting to 100 with little assistance while our nursery group to 30. Everyone is doing great moving along at their own pace. We have been working on “Positions” such as on top, around, under, below, between, etc.. Our bits of information this month were leaves, Fireman apparatus and holidays (Veterans Day, Halloween, Hanukah and Christmas). We discussed how we got the first Thanksgiving. We learned about the Pilgrims and Indians. We learned several Thanksgiving songs too! We had a party. Everyone brought something they could share with their classmates. We danced and played musical chairs – A fun day! Our big surprise project was our book to Mommy and Daddy.


December 2017 Newsletter

The children were so excited with the thought of Christmas,  Hanukah and the winter season.  They were hoping for snow. They helped to decorate our classrooms as well as the Christmas tree. Everyone was given  Santa’s phone number at the North Pole J. We learned many Christmas and Hanukah songs to sing for Santa on his arrival at school.

Our art projects centered around the holidays. We made dreidels, Menorahs, the Star of David, candy canes, Christmas Tree ornaments, reindeer and of course a snowman, sled and a winter scene. We used play dough, hand prints, paint, popsicle sticks, beads and potatoes for our prints. Everyone enjoyed!! The cold winter weather set in and Santa did arrive bringing a gift for all our good boys and girls.

Our bits of information this month were Birds – (turkey vulture, screech owl, bald eagle), Jobs – (teachers, fireman, zookeeper, etc.). We are working on sequencing and rhyming.

Hope you are getting feedbackJ.

Wishing all a truly happy, prosperous and healthy New Year!!