At A Step Ahead Preschool your child will learn to read and perform math skills by the time they are ready for kindergarten! 

  • Our students learn to read with over a 90% success rate!

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Enrollment Procedures

For information on enrollment call us at 732-227-4304 or contact us via email now to learn more about our program

 Typical Daily Schedule

  • Motor skills activity
  • Socialization/Free play
  • Pledge of allegiance
  • Circle time – Bits of info e.g. letters, numbers, etc
  • One on One – Work at child’s level daily – reading and math skills
  • Art project
  • Snack
  • Play yard (weather permitting)
  • Physical Activity – Games, puzzles, etc.

Staff/Child Ratio:

1 full-time Lead Teacher (Masters Degree in Early Education)
1 full-time Teacher (Masters Degree)
10:1 student/teacher ratio.

Your child deserves the best!