Selecting The Best Preschool

8 Key Factors Every Parent Needs to Investigate Before Selecting a Preschool

There are many preschools in the area. Several have nice facilities – safe, friendly caring people and playgrounds with several pieces of outdoor gym equipment.

However, you need to look deeper into the actual program, or attend and observe.

Several schools will talk about how they will prepare your child for kindergarten.

But will they have your child reading? Teach basic math skills? Develop motor skills? Build self confiidence?

Here are the 8 key factors:

  • Daily Individual and Group Instruction
  • ​Reading and Math
  • ​​Thinking analytically
  • ​Build emotional and self confidence
  • ​Fun Activities
  • ​Certification and Licensing
  • ​Information Bits
  • ​Diversity

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